TubeBuddy Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

TubeBuddy Review

Navigating through the vast world of YouTube can be both exciting and challenging. I’ve been a full-time YouTuber, and my success journey has been a rollercoaster.

If you’re struggling with your YouTube channel’s traffic, searching for profitable keywords, or simply gaining more views and subscribers, I’ve got some good news for you.

In this post, I will share my experience with a game-changing tool that has significantly contributed to my YouTube success.

TubeBuddy is one of the most successful YouTube tools for content creators. In this guide, I will tell you about the comprehensive TubeBuddy review.

I will discuss several aspects of the installation process, features, pros and cons, and pricing

I’ll provide insights into why TubeBuddy stands out and whether it’s worth the investment. Moreover, If you feel TubeBuddy is a bit costly for you, you can use the TubeBuddy Coupon Code to save money.

So, let’s save time and dive right into the guide. 

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a leading YouTube tool with unique features designed to help creators and brands strategically grow their channels. 

TubeBuddy Home Page

Over 2.5 million TubeBuddy users in 2021 and over 8 million users currently trust it, it offers search optimization, video engagement tools, and valuable resources. 

It helps in guiding beginners and aiding data-driven decisions for advanced creators.

TubeBuddy is a versatile and accessible helper in the competitive landscape of YouTube.

Most Popular TubeBuddy Features

Let me break down the features of TubeBuddy:

Keyword Explorer and Upload Suite:

TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer helps me grow my channel and grab more views.

I type in my video idea, which suggests high-volume keywords for my title.

It highlights what’s popular and gives me a massive list of keywords and video ideas.

Suggested Tags:

TubeBuddy works hand-in-hand with the Keyword Explorer. It suggests tags based on my main keywords as I upload videos, helping to optimize my content for search.

Advanced Videolytics:

With the TubeBuddy add-on, I get a sneak peek into how other videos are ranking and what tags they’re using. Using popular tags in my videos, I can even “draft” millions of views.

Video A/B Testing:

Being on the Legend plan, this feature is a game-changer for me. A/B testing lets me compare different thumbnails and titles for the same video. 

Bulk Processing:

I can bulk-change descriptions, titles, or thumbnails whenever I need to. It’s a fantastic way to update cards and end screens in bulk.

Comment Moderation:

TubeBuddy’s Comment Moderation tool manages my YouTube videos’ comments, saving me tons of time.

Sorting comments is easy; I can quickly provide pre-written answers, and new subscribers are highlighted.

Publish to Facebook:

It can upload my YouTube content directly to Facebook, which saves me a lot of time. This uses the autoplay feature on Facebook and gets me quite a few views there.

Opportunity Finder:

This tool helps me get more views on Google. It suggests adding tags to my website, improving its visibility in online searches.

Adding tags to my videos may also boost their ranking in Google searches.

Auto Translator:

TubeBuddy’s Auto Translator lets me translate video names and descriptions into different languages, reaching a broader audience worldwide.

Best Time to Publish:

TubeBuddy’s detailed analytics guide me on when my audience will most likely watch my videos, giving them a better chance to get into YouTube’s algorithm.

These features, from Keyword Explorer to Comment Moderation and beyond, have become essential tools in my YouTube journey, helping me save time, make smarter decisions, and grow my channel effectively.

TubeBuddy is my trusted sidekick in the world of online content creation.

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How to Install Tubebuddy for Free?

Below, I will be mentioning the step-by-step guide on how to install TubeBuddy for free:

Step 1: Go to the official TubeBuddy website.

TubeBuddy Home Page

Step 2: Look for the section “Install Free” version or trial of TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy Free Installation Option

Note: TubeBuddy is often available as an extension for various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Step 3: Select the browser you use for YouTube. Please find the button that initiates the installation process and click on it.

TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

Note: Your browser may ask for permission to add the TubeBuddy extension. Allow the necessary permissions. 

Step 4: Complete any setup instructions provided during the installation process. 

Step 5: TubeBuddy usually requires you to sign in and connect to your YouTube account. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

Tubebuddy Sign In Page

Note: Once installed, you should see the TubeBuddy icon in your browser.

Step 6: Click on the icon to explore the features TubeBuddy offers for free.

  • TubeBuddy’s free version often comes with a range of valuable tools. Please make the most of them to enhance your YouTube experience.
  • TubeBuddy may offer premium features in addition to the free ones. 
  • Consider upgrading to a paid plan for even more advanced functionalities.

By following these steps, you can install TubeBuddy for free and explore its capabilities to boost your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy Pros and Cons

Below, I am mentioning the TubeBuddy Pros and Cons:


  1. TubeBuddy streamlines the content creation process, saving creators valuable time.
  2. It provides a powerful tool for compelling keyword research and optimizing videos for better search rankings.
  3. Creators can easily optimize video titles, tags, and descriptions for improved discoverability.
  4. TubeBuddy offers detailed analytics for video performance, audience engagement, and channel growth, facilitating data-driven decisions.


  1. Some users, especially beginners, need help navigating the interface.
  2. The free version has fewer features compared to the paid plans.

How to Use Tubebuddy?

Once I’ve got TubeBuddy installed, there’s a bunch of cool stuff I can do to make my YouTube game stronger. Let me break down how to use TubeBuddy, step by step.

Getting Started

Firstly, there is a tool for boosting my videos, like finding the perfect keywords and making my videos SEO-friendly. Plus, I can monitor how I’m doing with the analytics tools.

Optimizing My Videos

I dive into the keyword research tool to find the engaging keywords that will make my videos pop up when people search.

Once I’ve got my keywords, I use the video SEO tool to ensure my videos are like beacons in the YouTube sea.

Connecting with My Viewers

The engagement tools let me talk to my audience, and that’s huge. I can create cool thumbnails, add annotations, and schedule my videos for the perfect time.

Going Pro

TubeBuddy has a Pro version that takes things to the next level. It’s like upgrading to a VIP pass.

With TubeBuddy Pro, I get my hands on advanced analytics tools, bulk processing tools, and collaboration tools to team up with other creators.

There are exclusive discounts on YouTube-related services. 

Advanced Features

I can test different video versions to see which is thriving with the A/B testing tool. The bulk processing tool lets me optimize many videos simultaneously, a real real-time saver.

And then there’s the collaboration tool, which enables me to join forces with other creators. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

TubeBuddy Pricing Options

The official website shows the following pricing after the end of the free trial:

Tubebuddy Pricing Plans

Monthly Plans:


  • Regular Price: $4.99 (₹415.86)


  • Regular Price: $31.50 (₹2625.19)

Annual Plans (With Black Friday Sale Discount):

Pro Plan:

  • Regular Price: $3.99 (₹332.52)
  • Black Friday Sale Discount: 40%
  • Annual Price After Discount: $3.99 – ($3.99 * 0.40) = $2.39 (₹199.51)


  • Regular Price: $25.20 (₹2100.15)
  • Black Friday Sale Discount: 40%
  • Annual Price After Discount: $25.20 – ($25.20 * 0.40) = $15.12 (₹1260.09)


For an Enterprise plan, you will need to contact the support team, as they provide the pricing according to the requirements of your team. 

Below, I am mentioning all the features that come with the TubeBuddy Pricing Plans:

Pricing/month(when billed yearly)$0.00$7.20$15.20$39.20
Keyword ExplorerMax 3 suggestionsYesYesYes
Video Tags3AllAllAll
Canned Responses1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Channels Allowed1111
Publish to FacebookNoNoYesYes
Schedule PublishNoNoYesYes
Channel BackupNoYesYesYes
Bulk Copy/Update Cards and End ScreensNoNoYesYes
Search Rank TrackerNoNoLimitedYes
Brand AlertsNoNoLimitedYes
DiscountsN.A.25% off for Non-profit organizations50% off on less than 1k subscribers25% off for Non-profit organizations25% off for Non-profit organizations 30-day free trial through my link

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this TubeBuddy Review has provided you with all the information you wanted. It has been a crucial tool in my YouTube journey, offering features that significantly contribute to channel growth

You can easily take advantage of the fantastic features of Keyword Explorer for high-volume keywords, Suggested Tags for optimization, Advanced Videolytics for competitor insights, and more.

The Legend plan introduces Video A/B Testing and Bulk Processing, streamlining tasks like updating cards and end screens.

Installing TubeBuddy is free and easy. With reasonable pricing plans, TubeBuddy offers flexibility for users at different levels.

From the free version to Legend, each plan caters to specific needs.

Good Luck with YouTubing!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tubebuddy Support Only the Chrome Browser?

TubeBuddy supports the Chrome browser through its extension. However, browser compatibility can evolve, and TubeBuddy might have expanded its support to other browsers. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking TubeBuddy’s official website or relevant sources for the latest details on supported browsers.

Is Tubebuddy Actually Worth It?

Yes, TubeBuddy is worth installing for YouTube creators looking to enhance their channel’s performance. It offers a variety of tools and features designed to streamline content creation, optimize videos for search, and provide valuable analytics.

Is Tubebuddy Safe?

Yes, TubeBuddy is considered safe to use. It is a reputable YouTube-certified browser extension with millions of users. The extension interacts with YouTube’s API to provide additional functionalities and features. TubeBuddy has been used by many content creators to optimize their videos, manage their channels, and access analytics without reported security issues.

How Do You Use Tubebuddy Pro for Free?

TubeBuddy offers Pro features through paid plans. While the free version includes valuable tools, accessing TubeBuddy Pro typically requires a subscription. You can watch the official website for promotions, special events, or referral programs that offer temporary access to Pro features for free. Explore the free version and consider upgrading for additional functionalities if needed.

What is Tubebuddy’s Refund Policy?

TubeBuddy’s refund policy may vary based on the plan and the specific circumstances. This platform generally offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its paid plans. You may be eligible for a refund if you apply for it within the first 30 days of your purchase.

Does Tubebuddy Support Mobile Devices?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension designed for desktop browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It may not work on mobile apps, and its features are typically accessed through a computer.

Why Should I Use Tubebuddy?

If you’re a TubeBuddy member, you get cool benefits to make creating content easier. You can use free graphics and video transitions, get music for your videos without worrying about copyrights, and even get discounts on tools for editing videos and other helpful services. These perks can help you make better videos and save money.

Is TubeBuddy Free?

TubeBuddy offers both Free trial plans and paid plans to its users. You can choose based on your requirements.

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