Tubebuddy Pricing Plans In 2023 Explained (50% OFF)

Tubebuddy Pricing Plans

Are you looking for TubeBuddy Pricing and plans? Then you are at the right place. You must be wondering if TubeBuddy Premium is worth the investment.

Yes, I can understand that feeling when you are short on budget and you are not sure about the investment. 

Many fellow YouTubers take advantage of TubeBuddy to optimize their channels.

Since the TubeBuddy Free Trial version does not have many features, a lot of YouTubers like me need to buy the subscription.

In this article on TubeBuddy pricing, I’m here to talk about the same in detail and how to save big using the TubeBuddy Coupon Code.

From the various plans to the features they offer, I’ll guide you through the landscape of TubeBuddy’s premium offerings. Let’s dive In!!!

TubeBuddy Pricing Plans and Features

The official website shows the following pricing after the end of the free trial:

Tubebuddy Pricing Plans

Monthly Plans:

PlansPrice in ($)Price in (₹)

Annual Plans (With Black Friday Sale Discount):

PlansRegular PriceBlack Friday Offer PriceAnnual Discount Price
Pro$3.99 (₹332.52)40% Discount$2.39 (₹199.51)
Legend$25.20 (₹2100.15)40% Discount$15.12 (₹1260.09)
EnterpriseCustomizable as per the requirementCustomizable as per the requirementCustomizable as per the requirement

Below, I am mentioning all the features that come with the TubeBuddy Pricing Plans:

Keyword ResearchYesYesYesYes
Tag SuggestionsNoYesYesYes
Competitor AnalysisNoYesYesYes
Rank TrackingNoYesYesYes
Best time to publishYesYesYesYes
Publishing schedulingNoNoYesYes
A/B TestingNoNoYesYes
Bulk Video ProcessingNoNoYesYes
Thumbnail generatorYesYesYesYes
Video topic plannerYesYesYesYes
YouTube SEO scorecardNoYesYesYes
Brand alertsNoNoYesYes
Comment FormattingYesYesYesYes
Publish to FacebookNoNoYesYes
Video lyricsYesYesYesYes
Channel backupNoYesYesYes
Export commentsNoNoYesYes
Competitor upload alertsNoNoYesYes
VisitGet FreeGet ProGet LegendGet Enterprise

Is TubeBuddy Free?

Are you curious if TubeBuddy comes for free?

Well, TubeBuddy offers a free version, and it’s free for life. The free version is perfect for YouTubers who like exploring the tool or testing its value before buying the premium plan. 

In my detailed TubeBuddy Review article, I share my experience of how I have used TubeBuddy Pro without spending a penny. You can also do it by using the promo codes for beginners while opting for the 30-day free trial.

Does TubeBuddy Offer a Free Plan?

Yes, TubeBuddy provides a free plan by giving users the basics for video auditing, optimization, keyword research, and video promotion.

For those YouTubers who are aiming to improve their channel growth, they should opt for the premium plans with enhanced features and support.

Curious about how TubeBuddy compares to VidIQ? In my detailed comparison called VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy, I explore the features that make each of them unique.

Conclusion: How Much Does TubeBuddy Cost?

Hopefully, this article has talked about TubeBuddy pricing. I have checked almost all of the plans, and the best I have found for a beginner is the Pro yearly plan which costs $3.99 (₹332.52) monthly.

If you’re interested in exploring TubeBuddy further and enjoying some exclusive perks, think about looking into the Pro plan with the benefit of joining the TubeBuddy affiliate program.

The free version serves as a fantastic starting point, and I’ve even had a taste of TubeBuddy Pro without spending a dime. Special thanks to a handy promo code for beginners during the 30-day trial.

As you explore TubeBuddy and think about using it for a long time, it’s also good to understand How to Cancel TubeBuddy if you ever need to.

Whether you’re exploring the tool or gearing up for channel growth, TubeBuddy has a plan for every journey.

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